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Fast slimming
Fast slimming

15 steps to lose weight 5 kilos in a month easily

If you are seeking, dear reader, to lose a lot of weight effectively and safely and you think that the way to achieve this is by relying on diets that depend primarily on deprivation of many foods and exercising in a stressful and destructive way to the body, then this is a misconception as recent studies have proven that adopting simple steps  Uncomplicated and fatal to the body, it will undoubtedly lead to long-term successful results.  Studies have shown that people who depend on simple and small changes in their diet and their sporting activity for long periods have succeeded in losing 4 times more weight than the people who rely on steps and radical changes in their diet and their sporting activity for short periods of time.  Helps you lose weight in a simple and effective way:

1.  If you want to lose weight, hold the pen !!
Record everything you eat, even if it is 5 chips of chips. This is the simplest steps that will help you in the amount of calories consumed during the day, as studies have shown that people who record what they eat lose many times the weight of other people, so recording the calories consumed creates  Inside the human being is the ability to control and control the amount of food, and it creates a state of awareness of it. Thus, the more knowledge and awareness increase, this leads to a decrease in eating foods with high calories and a loss of 13 kilograms in 6 months.

2.  Move during ad breaks to lose calories.
Move during the advertising breaks when watching TV, do (jumping in place - skipping rope - climbing and descending stairs - running in place - dancing). If you do this every 5-minute commercial break, this increases the heart rate, speed and depth of breathing and thus stimulates the burning process inside the body  And thus burning an additional 270 calories during the day, resulting in a loss of 28 kilos during the year, and these are the simplest steps to lose weight without fatigue, deprivation or depression.

3.  Reducing the amount of high-calorie foods.
Such as ice cream, chocolate, french fries, chips, biscuits, donuts, pizza ... Reduce the amount, for example, eat half a bag of chips instead of eating the whole. As time passes, reduce the amount during the week and add in return healthy small meals such as pieces of  Carrots, lettuce, or cucumbers, start with small amounts and increase your intake during the week.

4.  Register on the online slimming sites.
Studies have shown that people who register on the slimming sites and receive daily support messages via e-mail help them lose weight easily by increasing awareness of the world of diets, knowing what is healthy from different types of foods and knowing various sports activities that help lose weight successfully.

5.  Increase your daily walking time to 5 minutes
In order to ensure that a person loses weight effectively and successfully, he must exercise at least for half an hour a day ... Add to the 30 minutes 5 minutes this simple step will help you lose weight effectively and successfully and thus burn an additional 120 calories.

6.  Do a few simple steps of strength training.
Like squats exercises, they help stimulate the burning process successfully, so the more heart rate resulting from practicing some strength exercises, this helps stimulate the burning process and build muscles, as strength exercises work to reduce the body's resistance and push it to burn calories.

7.  Go up the stairs instead of using  elevator.
Go up the stairs instead of using the electric ladder. This helps to burn at least 120 calories, reduce the size of the buttocks, strengthen the foot muscles, and burn butt fat, in which everyone has difficulty losing weight in addition to the buttocks as well.

8.  He bought a pedometer.
And it is a device for determining the number of calories burned and the distances that you walked as well as calculating the heartbeat, it is an indispensable device to help you calculate what you have burned of calories so be sure to own it and always campaign like your keenness to own a mobile phone.

9.  Make your own food
Do this instead of eating high-calorie ready meals, for example when you grill chicken breast with the addition of a handful of low-fat mayonnaise and next to a plate of multi-colored salad and thus you avoid the 400 calories that are added to ready-made fried chicken meals.

10.  Abandon your car.
Use walking on all the trips you take, even going to work instead of using the car, as this will help you lose excess weight without deprivation or trouble, as it is a simple step but has impressive results in significantly losing weight in the buttocks and abdomen.

11.  Eat dark chocolate in 10 minutes.
Look at it for a minute, smell it, let the smell penetrate you. Take a minute to eat and chew each piece slowly and ask yourself whether you want to eat more. Continue this when eating each piece as this helps to train yourself to eat slowly until the brain secretes the satiety hormone.  A duration of 20 minutes, so the amount of food eaten during that period will determine your total weight and the shape of your body during the whole year.

12.  Eat fruits as they are and do not drink juice.
This helps to feel full and full due to the high content of fiber and vitamins in the fruit, but if you drink it as a juice, this will prompt you to feel hungry and eat more meals.

13.  Get support from professionals
This is done by participating in health clubs and following up with professional trainers who help to achieve the moral support you need in order to lose weight according to what your body needs, as moral support is one of the mainstays for effective and successful weight loss and it is recommended that this support be from professional people to obtain  Correct and accurate information.

14.  Have regular coffee
One of the main reasons for weight gain in many people, despite eating small amounts of food, is those hidden calories that leak into their body without realizing it and come through consuming coffee with additives such as cream, cream and caramel, but..if you eat it free of any additives only  Add skimmed milk and diet sugar, and you will be guaranteed a successful, effective and effortless weight reduction .

15 .  Sleeping prevents weight gain
Sleeping for enough hours works to stimulate the satiety hormone and thus feel a sense of satiety throughout the day and eat a few calories only. Sleep for enough hours of the night, not less than 9 hours. These are the simplest and most comfortable steps of losing weight successfully.

If you apply the previous steps regularly as possible with some other factors, such as drinking water in sufficient quantities, taking into account the time difference between meals, and not eating dinner immediately before bed, you will lose at least 5 kilograms of weight within a month.

Are pickles good for weight reduction ?

Consumption of pickles isn't the simplest bet while on a weight reduction journey; this is often primarily due to their high oil and salt content. 

consistent with Ayurveda Expert, Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, "One should avoid eating greasy pickles as they're loaded with oil and salt content. 



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